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2500 - Intermediate ABL Audit (2500)

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Digging deeper and learning what the numbers mean are critical skills to have and once the basics are understood, it is time to learn about interpretations, alternate methods of analysis and how to dig deeper.

To provide participants with field examination analytical skills that focus on why the numbers are performing the way that they appear and provide a foundation to help Examiners dig deeper with enhanced skills.

Introductory and closing discussions surround the course materials. Self paced slide type presentations with pre-quiz self assessments and quiz modules. Stories about problem areas in specific places.

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  • Using ABLTrain
  • Using ABLTrain-Copyright
  • Using ABL-Help
  • Hypothesis_and_Assumption_Testing
  • Average Per Day Calculations
  • Modified Turnover Calculations-Overview
  • Modified Turnover-Receivables
  • Modified Turnover-Inventory
  • Modified Turnover-Payables
  • Alternate Turnover Methods
  • Inventory Special Case Ineligibles
  • Smarter Extrapolations
  • AR Aging Trends & Estimating Turnover
  • AR Overview of AR Stats
  • AR Filling-In Stats
  • AR Single Post Method Query Reports
  • AR The Phil Fraud-Overview
  • AR The Phil Fraud-Batch and Switch
  • AR Current Column To Billings Analysis
  • AR Step-Down-Test
  • AR Risk Escalation and Human Factors
  • AR Credit Memo Lag Overview
  • AR Credit Memo Lag Analysis
  • AR Contras - Advanced Analysis
  • AR LC & Insurance Considerations
  • AR Pre-Billing Analysis
  • AR Better Confirmations
  • AR Bonded Contractors
  • AR Contract Billing Types
  • Percent of Completion Calculations
  • Inventory - Overview
  • Inventory Joe's Golden Rule of Inventory
  • Inventory Managerial Accounting Review
  • Inventory Managerial Accounting Examples
  • Inventory Capitalizing Standard Costs
  • Inventory Understanding Mrp
  • Inventory - Other Trend Analysis
  • Inventory Purchasing Inventory With Letters of Credit
  • Inventory In-Transit Paperwork & Contracts
  • Inventory In-Transit Monitoring
  • Inventory Counts & Cost Test Selection
  • Inventory Stratified Pool Selections
  • Inventory Count Analysis
  • Inventory Cost Analysis
  • Inventory Combined Count & Cost Test
  • Inventory Assisting Cpas With Counts
  • Inventory Movement Analysis
  • Inventory Monitoring Inventory
  • AP Book Overdraft Analysis
  • AP Turnover Methods
  • AP Accrual Red Flags and Hidden Gems
  • AP Payroll Taxes - The Little Things
  • MIS - EDI
  • Work-Out and Problem Loans
  • Worse-Case Recommendations
  • Lender Liability
  • Exam Efficiency
  • Putting It All Together
  • Writing and Communicating Problem Loans
  • Final Examiner Intermediate
  • Course Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever