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5100 - Receivables Workshop (5100)

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Moving beyond the forms and into the analytics that explain changes in receivable performance with insight and documentation. This course provides students with more skills and a deeper understanding of potential risk areas that are often hidden in the numbers.

To improve analysis skills so that AR is looked at with a keen eye toward fraud prevention and detailed documentation of exceptions.

Introductory and closing discussions surround the course materials. Self paced slide type presentations with pre-quiz self assessments and quiz modules. Stories about problem areas in specific places.

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  • Using ABL-Help
  • Confidentiality
  • Operating Cycles
  • Intro to Receivable Borrowing Base Ineligibles
  • The Borrowing Base Date Debate
  • Smarter Extrapolations
  • Field Exam Basic Skills
  • Field Exam Techniques
  • Organized for Performance
  • Computer Security
  • AR Overview
  • AR Workpaper Overview
  • AR Quality and Quantity
  • AR Concentrations
  • AR Extending Credit
  • AR Aging Delinquencies & Reserves
  • AR Aging Trends
  • AR Dilution Basics
  • AR Dilution and Advance Rate Considerations
  • AR Overview of AR Stats
  • AR Filling-In Stats
  • AR Stats Working Case
  • AR Credit Memo Basics
  • AR Billing Test and Title Transfer
  • AR Delivery Evidence
  • AR Verifications/Confirmations
  • AR Cash Application Test
  • AR Cash Tests & Reconciliations
  • AR Loan Reconciliations
  • AR Receivable Reconciliations
  • ¬†Final Receivables Workshop
  • Course Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever